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Nature Pub Nature Online
Portland Publishing International Journal of Turbo & Jet-Engines (2002+) Online
Royal Soceity Publishing Proceedings A : Mathematical, Physical,Engineering Science Online
SAGE Measurement and Control (1999+) Print + Online
Emerald Intl Jl of Intelligent Unmanned System (2013+) Print + Online
Global Science Journal of Computational Mathematics (1983+) Print + Online
Emerald Aircraft Engg and Aerospace Technology (1997+) Print + Online
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  Bulletin of Materials Science  
  Chanakya Aeropsace Defence and Maritime  
  CPRI Journal  
  Current Science  
  Data Quest  
  Defence Science Journal  
  DESIDOC Jl of Lib& Inf. Tech  
  Down to Earth  
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  Vayu Aerospace Review  
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