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R and D Management   /Wiley1997+
Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Radiation Oncology Investigations   /Wiley1996-2013
Radiation Protection Dosimetry   /OUP1999+
Radio Science   /AGU1966-2013
Random Structures and Algorithms   /Wiley1996-2013
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry   /Wiley1997+
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 1987-1995   /Wiley1996-2013
Rapid Prototyping Journal   /Emerald1999+
Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters   /Springer1974 -1996
ReCALL   /CAMBRIDGE2005-2013
Reference Services Review   /Emerald1999+
Refractories and Industrial Ceramics   /Springer1960 -1996
Regulated Rivers: Research & Management   /Wiley1996-2013
Regulation & Governance   /Wiley1996-2013
Rehabilitation Engineering, IEEE Transactions on [see also IEEE Trans. on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation]   /IEEE2000+
Reinforced Plastics   /Elsevier1995-2015
Reliability Engineering   /Elsevier1980-1987
Reliability Engineering & System Safety   /Elsevier1988-1994
Reliability, IEEE Transactions on   /IEEE2000+
Religion Compass   /Wiley1996-2013
Remediation Journal   /Wiley1996-2013
Remote Sensing Letters   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Representation Theory   /AMSOA
Reproduction in Domestic Animals   /Wiley1996-2013
Reproductive Sciences   /SAGE1999+
Requirements Engineering   /Springer1996 -1996
Research in Engineering Design   /Springer1989 -1996
Research in Nondestructive Evaluation   /Springer1989 -1996
Research in Nondestructive Evaluation   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Research in Nursing & Health   /Wiley1996-2013
Research Journal of Textile and Apparel   /Emerald1999+
Resonance - Journal of Science Education   /IAS1996+
Respirology   /Wiley1996-2013
Restoration Ecology   /Wiley1996-2013
Review of Scientific Instruments   /AIP1999+
Reviews in Fisheries Science   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Reviews in Medical Virology   /Wiley1996-2013
Reviews of Geophysics   /AGU1963+
Rheologica Acta   /Springer1958 - 1996
Ringing & Migration   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Ringing and Migration   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Risk Analysis   /Wiley1997+
Risknews   /Wiley1996-2013
River Research and Applications   /Wiley1996-2013
Road Materials and Pavement Design   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Robotica   /CAMBRIDGE2005-2013
Robotics & Automation Magazine, IEEE   /IEEE2000+
Robotics and Automation, IEEE Transactions on   /IEEE2000+
Robotics and Autonomous Systems   /Elsevier1988-1994
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing   /Elsevier1984-1994
Robotics, IEEE Transactions on [see also Robotics and Automation, IEEE Transactions on]   /IEEE2000+
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering   /Springer1969 - 1996
Rocks & Minerals   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Rocks and Minerals   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Rural History   /CAMBRIDGE2005-2013
Russian Chemical Bulletin   /Springer1952 -1996
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