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Sadhana   /Springer1978 -1996
Sadhana (Proceedings in Engineeting Sciencesi)   /IAS1978+
SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences   /Wiley1996-2013
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Scandinavian Journal of Immunology   /Wiley1996-2013
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports   /Wiley1996-2013
Scandinavian Journal of Metallurgy   /Wiley1996-2013
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health   /SAGE1999+
Scando-Slavica   /Wiley1996-2013
Science   /AAAS1997+
Science and Technology for the Built Environment   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Science Communication   /SAGE1999+
Science Education   /Wiley1996-2013
Science in Context   /CAMBRIDGE2005-2013
Science Technology & Society   /SAGE1999+
Scripta Materialia   /Elsevier1996-2015
Sealing Technology   /Elsevier1994
Security & Privacy Magazine, IEEE   /IEEE2000+
Sedimentology   /Wiley1996-2013
Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on   /IEEE2000+
Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of   /IEEE2000+
Semiconductor Manufacturing, IEEE Transactions on   /IEEE2000+
Seminars in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia   /SAGE1999+
Seminars In Dialysis   /Wiley1996-2013
Seminars in Surgical Oncology   /Wiley1996-2013
Sensor Review   /Emerald1999+
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical   /Elsevier1990-1994
Sensors Journal, IEEE   /IEEE2000+
Sensors Update   /Wiley1996-2013
Separation & Purification Reviews   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Separation and Purification Reviews   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Separation Science and Technology   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Sequential Analysis   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Shock Waves   /Springer1990 - 1996 (A), 1997+
Signal Processing   /Elsevier1996-2015
Signal Processing Letters, IEEE   /IEEE2000+
Signal Processing Magazine, IEEE   /IEEE2000+
Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on [see also Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on]   /IEEE2000+
Signal Transduction   /Wiley1996-2013
Single Molecules   /Wiley1996-2013
Skin Research and Technology   /Wiley1996-2013
Small   /Wiley1996-2013
Society & Natural Resources   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Society and Natural Resources   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Sociology Compass   /Wiley1996-2013
Soft Materials   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on   /IEEE2000+
Software Focus   /Wiley1996-2013
Software Process: Improvement and Practice   /Wiley1996-2013
Software Testing, Verification and Reliability   /Wiley1996-2013
Software, IEEE   /IEEE2000+
Software: Practice and Experience   /Wiley1996-2013
Soil and Sediment Contamination: An International Journal   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering   /Elsevier2016
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Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering   /Elsevier1986-1994
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering   /Springer1964 - 1996
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Soil Technology   /Elsevier1988-1994
Soil Use and Management   /Wiley1996-2013
Solar Cells   /Elsevier1979-1991
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells   /Elsevier1992-1994
Soldering & Surface Mount Technology   /Emerald1999+
Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of   /IEEE2000+
Solid-State Electronics   /Elsevier1960-1994
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Somnologie   /Wiley1996-2013
South African Journal of Plant and Soil   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Space Polocy   /Elsevier1985-1994
Spatial Cognition & Computation   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Spatial Cognition and Computation   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Spectroscopy Europe   /Wiley1996-2013
Spectroscopy Letters   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Speech and Audio Processing, IEEE Transactions on   /IEEE2000+
Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach   /SAGE1999+
Stahlbau   /Wiley1996-2013
Starch / Stärke   /Wiley1996-2013
Statistical Methods in Medical Research   /SAGE1999+
Statistics   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Statistics in Medicine   /Wiley1996-2013
Stochastic Analysis and Applications   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment   /Springer1987 - 1996
Stochastic Models   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Stochastics An International Journal of Probability and Stochastic Processes   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Strain   /Wiley1996-2013
Strategic Change   /Wiley1996-2013
Strategic Management Journal   /Wiley1996-2013
Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Strength of Materials   /Springer1969 -1996
Stress and Health   /Wiley1996-2013
Stress Medicine   /Wiley1996-2013
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization   /Springer1989 - 1996
Structural Chemistry   /Springer1990 -1996
Structural Control and Health Monitoring   /Wiley1997+
Structural Health Monitoring   /SAGE1999+
Structural Safety   /Elsevier1982-1994
Structure and Infrastructure Engineering   /Taylor and Francis1997+
Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment   /Taylor and Francis1997+
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