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Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A - Animal Science1997+
Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B - Soil and Plant Science1997+
Acta Botanica Gallica
Advanced Composite Materials1997+
Advanced Robotics1997+
Advances in Physics1997+
Aerosol Science and Technology1997+
African Journal of Aquatic Science1997+
African Journal of Herpetology1997+
African Journal of Marine Science1997+
African Journal of Range and Forage Science1997+
Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems1997+
Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology1997+
Analytical Letters1997+
Animal Biotechnology1997+
Animal Cells and Systems1997+
Annals of GIS1997+
Applicable Analysis1997+
Applied Artificial Intelligence1997+
Applied Spectroscopy Reviews1997+
Aquaculture Economics & Management1997+
Aquaculture Economics and Management1997+
Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management1997+
Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management1997+
Aquatic Insects1997+
Arboricultural Journal1997+
Architectural Engineering and Design Management1997+
Architectural Science Review1997+
Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science1997+
Archives of Animal Nutrition1997+
Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health1997+
Archives Of Phytopathology And Plant Protection1997+
Arid Land Research and Management1997+
Assistive Technology1997+
Australasian Journal of Environmental Management1997+
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences1997+
Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences1997+
Avian Pathology1997+
Behaviour & Information Technology1997+
Behaviour and Information Technology1997+
Biocontrol Science and Technology1997+
Biological Agriculture & Horticulture1997+
Biological Rhythm Research1997+
Bioremediation Journal1997+
Bird Study1997+
British Poultry Abstracts1997+
British Poultry Science1997+
BSHM Bulletin: Journal of the British Society for the History of Mathematics1997+
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology1997+
Catalysis Reviews1997+
Chemical Engineering Communications1997+
Chemistry and Ecology1997+
Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems1997+
Climate Policy1997+
Coastal Management1997+
Combustion Science and Technology1997+
Combustion Theory and Modelling1997+
Comments on Inorganic Chemistry1997+
Communications in Algebra1997+
Communications in Partial Differential Equations1997+
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis1997+
Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation1997+
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods1997+
Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations1997+
Composite Interfaces1997+
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine1997+
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering1997+
Connection Science1997+
Contemporary Physics1997+
Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry1997+
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology1997+
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition1997+
Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences1997+
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences1997+
Crystallography Reviews1997+
Cybernetics and Systems1997+
CyTA - Journal of Food1997+
Desalination and Water Treatment1997+
Designed Monomers and Polymers1997+
Diatom Research1997+
Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal1997+
Distributed Generation and Alternative Energy Journal1997+
Drying Technology1997+
Dynamical Systems1997+
Econometric Reviews1997+
Electric Power Components and Systems1997+
Energy Engineering1997+
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects1997+
Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy1997+
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